Should Republicans Keep Doing What They’re Doing On Abortion, Or Should They Be MORE Extremist?

One of our favorite things about the violent ass-whooping Republicans received at the polls last week is their utter inability to learn one single lesson from it. That’s kind of the way with extremist ideologues — they’re not particularly teachable.

They just don’t get it. It’s not about compromise. It’s about who gets to control whose bodies. Americans overwhelmingly, when presented with that question, do not select white molest-y conservative Christian lawmakers to control their bodies. Americans are weird like that.

Keep Telling People What To Think About Abortion, Greg Gutfeld. You Guys Are NAILING IT.

Keep Telling People What To Think About Abortion, Greg Gutfeld. You Guys Are NAILING IT.

In Ohio, Republicans seem to think they can get away with getting in the voters’ faces and refusing to enact their will. That should be fun for them as time goes on and voters get angrier and angrier.

But we are totally fine with Republicans continuing to rhythm method their pet chickens on abortion. It’s just going to make every single election easier for Democrats to win, until the day when there really aren’t enough Republicans in the US for their votes to even matter on any subject.

Nope, We're Not Done Talking About Abortion Yet This Week!

Nope, We’re Not Done Talking About Abortion Yet This Week!

Virginia seditionist GOP Rep. Bob Good, why did you antisocial freaks get your dicks spanked so hard in Virginia’s elections and lose control of the whole entire Legislature? Oh, oh, oh! You think it’s because you’re not extremist enough? Oh hell yeah, that was probably it! Lunatic.

He was speaking at the Heritage Foundation, we guess one of their sicko fascist circle jerks:

GOOD: We just came off of an election in Virginia. And the narrative now is, ‘Oh, abortion is a loser. We got to surrender on abortion. We got to give in on abortion. We’ve got to be like the Democrats on abortion. Then maybe we can win elections.’ I would argue what’s the point of winning elections if you’re not going to fight for life?

LMAO. Yeah, cool, go on.

GOOD: But beyond that, what was Virginia’s position? What was the state of Virginia’s political leadership position on abortion? We’re okay with 94% of abortions because we want a 15-week ban. And the Democrats, the other side wants 100% of abortions. So we’re going to rally in the red areas and the conservatives and the red base to fight for 6% of abortions? And I submit that’s the reason why we had low red turnout in Virginia.

Sure thing. No notes. Not even going to rebut the argument, Wonkette’s charter doesn’t include helping Republicans out. He thinks all those Republicans — all of ‘em — really want to ban abortion.

Are we pretending conservative Christians aren’t frequent flyers at abortion clinics far enough away from their churches that nobody from Sunday School is likely to see them? Shhh, don’t tell Bob Good.

But again, these goddamned idiots. Let’s just keep letting them fuck around and apparently never find out how to fix it.

It’s gotten a lot of attention already, but here is Republican National Committee Chair Ronna “Mitt Romney” McDaniel — who is inexplicably still employed — on “Meet the Press” this weekend, saying that Republicans can totally still win on abortion, because (get this) Americans are totally with them on the subject.

Oh yeah? Okeydoke!

MCDANIEL: I’m proud to be a pro-life party! But we can win on this message. The American people are where we are. And they want common sense limitations. They want more access to adoption. We want to make sure that there’s pregnancy crisis centers. These are things we can win on!

Couple things:

  1. The American people do not want abortion bans. They did not like it when the illegitimate partisan hack Supreme Court overturned Roe. They are still pissed and will remain so.

  2. The American people actually don’t have the raging fetishizing erection for adoption that anti-abortion creeps (claim) to. It’s a good thing, but it’s not a good solution for millions of people.

  3. The last thing we need is more “crisis pregnancy centers,” AKA extremist Christian fake clinics full of non-medical staff that lure pregnant women in with promises of free ultrasounds and then just lie to them about abortion.

  4. Go fuck yourself.

Well, this has been another good talk with Republicans about abortion! We look forward to many more of them, as they continue to never win an election on this again.

[vids via Aaron Rupar / Acyn]


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