Smart Soda Dispenser Trials: new compact machine for freestyle

The Coca-Cola New Compact Freestyle machine is the latest addition to the brand’s line of soda dispensers that are coming to Europe to put more control in the hands of the consumer.

The soda dispenser offers consumers the ability to customize their beverages to their exact preferences, while also allowing them to use their own refillable bottles. This will help reduce carbon emissions, packaging and waste. The machine also maintains an ultra-compact design which will save large space in the retail environment.

Coca-Cola’s European president Nikos Koumettis spoke about the test of the Coca-Cola New Compact Freestyle machine stating: “The results of our preliminary analysis show promisingly that the New Compact Freestyle may have a lower carbon footprint per serving than to traditional packaging, such as PET cans and bottles. This is highly encouraged given the importance of providing meaningful sustainability action for Coca-Cola, our customers and consumers. “