Smooth Display Gaming Laptops : new razer blade 15

‘Razer,’ the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers with products from apparel to accessories to full-scale gaming devices, has announced ‘The New Razer Blade 15,’ a gaming laptop with never-before-seen features in the laptop world. This laptop comes equipped with powerful components. It features a 12th generation Intel core I9-12900H central processing unit (CPU) paired with a NVIDIA RTX 3070 Ti graphics processing unit (GPU), allowing it to run nearly any modern game at the highest possible setting.

Perhaps the largest draw to this laptop, though, is its built-in display. The laptop’s 15-inch OLED display has a refresh rate of 240Hz, making it the world’s first laptop to boast a display with these specifications. On top of this, any moving picture on the screen from games to animations will be incredibly smooth as the image refreshes 240 times per second.

Razer fans will be able to purchase The New Razer Blade 15 online at Razer’s website at an MSRP of $3,499.99 USD.

Image Credit: Razer