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Yesterday in the early afternoon there were reportedly almost 300,000 people in attendance at a bipartisan pro-Israel march in Washington, DC. There would have been even more people there but this happened:

Hundreds of demonstrators arriving in D.C. for the March for Israel were reportedly left stranded at Dulles International Airport after charter bus drivers refused to take them to the National Mall for the rally, organizers claimed. 

The Jewish Federation of Washington confirmed that a speaker at the march told the crowd of nearly 290,000 people that some 900 people who flew in on chartered planes were left at the airport when buses that had been organized for them failed to show up. 

That speaker estimated that some 600 people made their way to D.C. for the event on their own but others were stuck on the tarmac all day, according to reports.  

It was a huge event, but guess what wasn’t important enough for the Washington Post’s front page: 

A huge march for Israel was fit for the metro section? But of course!

Now imagine the Post’s front page if there were that many people marching in favor of gun control. 


We expected nothing less from the newspaper that pulled a cartoon after it apparently offended Hamas supporters.

Yep, they sure do have their “priorities.”


To the credit of some other media outlets, they did have the story on the front page:

But the paper headquartered in the city where the rally took place just couldn’t find room for it on the front page.


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