Spotify for TV Gets Big Redesign and Dark Mode

If you use Spotify on your supported smart TV or Android-powered media box, be on the lookout for a big update now rolling out. Inside, you’ll find a redesigned Home page, Dark mode, and plenty else.

For the newly designed Home page, the TV experience is more in line with the desktop UI, complete with shortcuts to favorites, recently played songs/playlists, and personalized recommendations. This update also includes the Now Playing view for better playback management.

For Dark mode, this isn’t just a darkened UI, but instead, it’s designed to dim the TV’s screen and “tune down the visuals” to display just a minimal amount of information so users can listen to music with limited distractions. Like every other service on the TV, profile switching is now also available.

This update is now headed out to all free and Premium users with a supported device.

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