Stacey Abrams interrupts the fundraising campaign to buy you an abortion

Stacey Abrams announced yesterday that she will temporarily suspend fundraising for her campaign to become Georgia’s next governor so that she can instead raise money for abortion rights groups in Georgia. In a fundraising email in response to the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion that will overturn roe deer v. Veal, Abraham wrote,

This moment requires action, so I’ll be blunt: the signing of that leaked opinion is coming to find all of us. Women in Georgia and across the country. LGBTQ + and disabled people. And especially those of color or low income. This is a terrible time for our nation.

Abrams will shift the focus of his formidable campaign fundraising operation to raise funds numerous advocacy groups, female health workers, and funds that help women find and pay for abortions, including the Feminist Women’s Health Center, SisterSong, ARC Southeast, Planned Parenthood Southeast, and NARAL Pro-Choice Georgia.

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Abrams told al Atlanta Journal-Constitution that here the campaign plans to “lean and lead” the annulment of the Supreme Court roe deerbecause

if i want to be the governor of a georgia, it means i have to rule for the women of georgia. And the women of Georgia in general agree that their right of choice should not be taken away from them.

He went on to say the draft SCOTUS ruling

it should infuriate anyone who believes autonomy is an integral part of what makes us free Americans. We should welcome this news with anger and utter dismay, and we should organize ourselves to defend our people, to defend women and their rights to abortion.

This is where we applaud the candidate for governor and future president of the earth not to worry about euphemisms like “the right to choose”, because damn it, abortion is health care, and there’s no point getting into the right-wing game that suggests it’s a dirty word.

As the Washington Post points out, Abrams can afford to temporarily suspend fundraising for his campaign to help support abortion rights because its fundraising operation runs in a permanent beast mode, regularly outclassing both Republicans who fight for the nomination of the GOP, the incumbent governor. Brian Kemp and former Senator David Perdue.

Reportedly raised more than $ 9 million a month after announcing his second attempt at the governor’s mansion in December. His campaign told supporters in an email Wednesday that it had raised an additional $ 11.7 million in the past three months.

Perdue, for his part, thought the leaked draft decision was exactly what Georgia needs, because of course it does. He said this in a tweet on Tuesday that “Any Supreme Court ruling that would save innocent lives would be a historic milestone. If I were Governor when this ruling was passed, I would call the legislator in a special session to ban abortion in GA.”

To point out, not too subtly, that he would not support any exceptions for rape or incest, Perdue began the tweet by saying that he and his wife, Bonnie, “believe that every child is a gift from God,” hence the women of Georgia. they can look forward to being forced to carry their rapist’s child.

Then Perdue returned to the serious business of accusing Kemp to “give our taxpayers $ 1.5 BILLION dollars to a wake-up Californian company owned by George Soros,” so he’s out for the anti-Semitic vote too.

Kemp, on the other hand, opted for the understatement, swearing a statement on Twitter that “Under my leadership, Georgia will remain a state that values ​​life at all stages and, as we anticipate the US Supreme Court decision, Georgians should be confident that I will continue to fight for stronger pro-life law of the country. ” He also complained about the leak and claimed to support an investigation, as if the governor of Georgia had a role in this.

Perdue responded today accusing Kemp of only offering a “bureaucratic response” to the impending sentence and challenging him to ban abortion, insisting that Kemp join him in promising to hold a special session to totally ban abortion and, for all of us. you know, send all women who have abortions to the gulags.

Stacey Abrams looks ready to blow up one of these assholes in the general election.

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