Stephen L. Miller Roasts The Atlantic for Its Support of Antisemite Greta Thunberg – Twitchy

As Twitchy recently reported, Greta Thunberg posted to Instagram a photo of herself and some colleagues holding “Stand With Gaza” and “Climate Justice” signs.

Hey, Hamas are the ones hoarding all those fossil fuels in their tunnels so they can shoot more rockets at Israel.

Thunberg tried to explain that the stuffed octopus conspicuously placed right next to her wasn’t at all a symbol of antisemitism … it was “a tool often used by autistic people as a way to communicate feelings.” Yeah, right.

Thunberg didn’t need a stuffed octopus to communicate her feelings on Israel, though.

Expert Tom Nichols wondered if anyone saw this coming:


Maybe he should talk to his friends at The Atlantic about their veneration of Thunberg:

Being autistic is no excuse for this.

And The Atlantic tried to explain to us “Why Greta Makes Adults Uncomfortable.” Because she’s a terrorist supporter as well as a climate alarmist who’s been wrong about everything?

The “far-right” was right to keep their distance from this “teen.”


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