Strange fish flock to the Sunshine Coast beach

Locals from a Sunshine Coast town were shocked after a resident discovered a strange creature ran aground on the beach.

The locals of a coastal town were shocked by the arrival of a strange creature on the beach.

The odd-looking fish was spotted after washing up at Peregian Beach on the Queensland Sunshine Coast on Friday.

A woman shared a picture of her discovery on Facebook, asking, “Does anyone know what kind of fish this is?”.

Suggestions came from dozens of locals, many of whom were puzzled by what they saw.

The fish had a unique coloration of bright yellow with patches of red and smaller dots of black.

Some have speculated that the strange pattern was the result of the fish having a “skin condition”.

“He appears to have a skin condition,” wrote one.

Others joked that it shared the look of familiar foods.

“It’s fried fish batter,” said one, while others enjoy its colors for bacon and egg, parmesan, pizza, schnitzel, gum, cooked egg, and a bao bun.

The animal was also thought to be a species of pufferfish or monkfish.

The most likely answer was that it was a warty frogfish, also known as clown frogfish.

“The warty frogfish seems very likely. It’s a weird looking fish, thank you for sharing it, ”reads a comment.

Another agreed, writing: “It’s called a clown frogfish.”

According to Fish of Australiathe animal gets its name from the fact that the head, body and fins are covered with prominent wart-like protuberances.

Its color is highly variable to suit its surroundings and can range from shades of cream, pink, red, yellow, green, brown and black, often with darker light-edged spots, darker spots and saddles, said the museum.

They typically live among macroalgae, sponges and soft corals.

Originally published as A strange creature upsets the locals after washing on the beach

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