Succession actor Sarah Snook: ‘AI is terrifying’

Actor Sarah Snook says the film industry should “set a precedent” on the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

Snook, best known for her role as Shiv in the TV show Succession, said the use of AI is an “uncharted landscape”.

She spoke to Laura Kuenssberg ahead of her role in a London stage adaptation of The Picture of Dorian Gray, but wasn’t able to talk about her time on Succession because of the Hollywood writer’s strike.

Screen actors have join the Writers Guild in their strike, demanding better safeguards against the use of AI in TV and movie productions. Striking actors and writers can’t promote their screen work, though they can talk about their stage work.

You can watch the full interview on Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg from 09:00 GMT on BBC One and iPlayer.

Angelica Manac

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