Sunglasses maker Ray-Ban is suing JPMorgan for more than $ 272 million in fraudulent payments.

Essilor International, French sunglass maker Ray-Ban, is suing JPMorgan Chase for failing to block $ 272 million in fraudulent transfers from its New York bank account.

JPMorgan was expected to detect, report and block suspicious payments that occurred in the last months of 2019, Essilor said in a lawsuit filed in New York on Monday. Essilor said the cybercriminals enlisted one of its employees in Thailand to carry out the fraudulent transfers. She has since been taken into custody by law enforcement and “accused of multiple crimes,” according to the complaint.

The complaint alleged that the bank failed to act on several red flags, including monthly transaction volumes six times the normal level, transfers made in round dollar amounts, and approving suspiciously fast payments to abnormal recipients.

Essilor recovered some of the money through an “expensive and burdensome process,” but was unable to recover approximately $ 100 million, the company said. He asked for the determination of the damage in court.

JPMorgan declined to comment on the lawsuit. Essilor did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Global banks regularly monitor client accounts for unusual activities to prevent financial crime. Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan, wrote in a letter to shareholders earlier this month about banks’ efforts to “protect customer assets and customer money on the go. They also help customers by protecting their data and minimizing fraud and cyber risks. “

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