Super-budget car wheelchair theft: police do not confirm punishment after TikTok goes viral

Police responded after footage went viral of a woman demolishing with a SuperCheap Auto employee for an object hidden in her wheelchair.

A woman who appeared in a viral video where she attempted to leave a SuperCheap Auto with a box in a wheelchair escaped punishment.

The short clip was posted on TikTok and the woman can be seen walking away from the Gold Coast store parking lot.

The staff member who grabbed her over the pram followed the woman out of sight, while another wearing a “Covid Safe Hygiene Marshall” picked up the box.

The woman was not further punished with a Queensland police spokesperson who confirmed to that no complaints had been filed by the shop or staff.

The video was initially shared on the Facebook page, Sydney Name and Shame before being shared on TikTok where it received millions of views.

Footage of the incident begins with the staff member and the woman clinging to the wheelchair.

“You stole from the shop, do you want me to call the police?” the employee can be seen shouting at the customer.

To which the woman replies: “Call the cops.”

The worker then tries to grab the wheelchair, while the woman tries to move it away. Throughout the video, she yells, “Let my baby go. let go Let my baby go there ”.

“You don’t even have a baby in there,” replies the worker.

As they cling to the wheelchair, the employee says, “There’s a box there.”

A box is then thrown out of the wheelchair, after which she says, “You can have the fucking rotor mate.”

Responding, the clerk adds: “And the rest you have.” The recording then stops shortly after.

It is also unclear whether the woman actually had a baby under the box in her pram.

In the comments, people complimented the Supercheap Auto employee on how he handled the predicament.

“Give this employee a reward, don’t chastise him. It’s nice to see some employees still willing to take sides. Handled perfectly, “replied one commenter.

“Well on him for having some balls about it. No doubt he will be reprimanded for this ….. ”wrote another commentator.

“This is an everyday experience in retail, it doesn’t have a baby in there, but it’s becoming more common for parents to use their kids to help steal,” wrote a third.

Originally published as A woman who appeared to steal by smuggling a box into her pram received no punishment

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