Supercheap Auto Worker Receives Job Offers After Viral Video

The Supercheap Auto employee who appeared in a viral video last week became a major property among rival stores after his nifty stunt.

The Supercheap Auto worker resigned after facing a shoplifter won’t have to look too far for another job, with his bold act appearing to make him a prime candidate for alternative employers.

The man, who has yet to be identified, appeared in a viral video shot outside a Gold Coast store that showed him trying to grab a woman’s pram covered in a blanket.

After they both struggled to take control of the wheelchair, a box was dropped to the floor from under the blanket and the woman said, “You can have the fucking rotor buddy.”

The pram was thought to be full of stolen merchandise and did not contain a baby at the time.

While the worker was hailed as an online hero for his swashbuckling approach, it was revealed last week that he had been fired while management conducted a review of the incident.

As Supercheap Auto faced backlash over its decision, other companies have since scrambled to put in a good word with the worker in hopes of sneaking him up on their own.

Rival Autobarn shop in Burleigh Heads was one of the first to offer him a new job, with owner Michael Farrar claiming to be just the kind of employee he was looking for.

“His actions have shown me that he is a loyal person and someone we would like on our team,” he said Bulletin of the Gold Coastadding that his shop has stolen items worth around $ 15,000 in the past two years.

Southport Auto Recyclers auto demolition business also threw his hat in the ring, posting online offering him an interview.

“If anyone knows him tell him to write us a DM or tag him, we would like to interview him for a position if he needs it!” wrote an employee on Facebook.

“After watching the video it’s crazy that Supercheap turned him down after the commitment he showed with them!”

Employers also named 2GB radio host Ben Fordham’s show to offer a man a job.

Fordham claimed there was “no way in the world” that he should have been fired.

“This guy was doing his job saying you’re not going to get him from the store,” he said Today Extra.

“I’ve had people calling my radio show saying they would offer him a job. They would give him a pay raise or a promotion, “she added.

The video on TikTok alone has been viewed more than 5.5 million times since it was uploaded a week ago.

A spokesperson for Supercheap Auto told the publication that the review his employee was undergoing was standard practice “after an event of this nature.”

“At all times, we remain focused on the health, safety and well-being of customers and team members,” they said.

“As we are continuing to cooperate with the police on this matter, it would not be appropriate to make any further comments at this time.”

Police confirmed Monday to that the incident had not been reported.

Supercheap Auto did not respond to questions from as to why the police said no report had been made and when the employee would be able to resume work.

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Originally published as The employee resigned after Supercheap Auto’s viral video received mass job offers