Surgeon Defends Husband’s Sexist Remark at GOP Debate!

Throat surgeon Dr. Apoorva Ramaswamy seems to believe Nikki Hawley deserves the insult her unpleasant husband slung at her, calling her a “Dick Cheney in three-inch heels.”

At last night’s GOP presidential debate, the unctuous Vivek referred to Hawley as “Dick Cheney in three-inch heels,” implying that being a woman makes a person less capable of being a president, a sexist stereotype that undermines women’s capabilities. It’s also worth noting that insulting someone for wearing high heels is inherently sexist, as it devalues and belittles women.

When Dr. Ramaswamy was confronted about her husband’s misogynistic remark, she claimed that anyone who labels Vivek as sexist is, in turn, sexist for saying that. This response neatly sidesteps the issue, shifting the blame to those raising the concern, instead of addressing the actual problematic behavior.

“I think the most sexist thing we could say is that someone cannot hold a politician to task just because they have two X chromosomes,” she said in a post-debate video. “He is the most pro-woman man I have ever met. He’s married to a surgeon, whom he met when we were both in graduate school. He doesn’t… he isn’t someone who doesn’t support women. I’m so proud of my husband for holding all politicians to account, whether they be black, white, female, male, or intersex. It doesn’t matter if you fail at your job, you have to be held to account.”

Nice try, Dr. Ramaswamy, but it’s possible to critique someone’s performance without resorting to personal attacks or discriminatory language. The fact that her husband uses gendered insults reveals he doesn’t treat all politicians equally, but rather uses their gender as a point of attack. This isn’t holding politicians to task – it’s gender discrimination.

“He isn’t someone who doesn’t support women.” I can see the bumper stickers now!

Genard Musay

Genard is a reporter who reports on the biggest breaking news stories of the day as well as doing investigations and original stories

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