Sydney Dragway: Injuries after car fireball during hod rod racing event

A man is reportedly fighting for his life after an explosion in a vehicle during an drag racing event held in Sydney this weekend.

A man is reportedly fighting for his life following a “terrifying” explosion at the starting line of a hot rod event in Sydney.

Dramatic trackside video showed a fireball erupting from a car surrounded by people with a man lying injured on the asphalt.

Paramedics were called to the Sydney Dragway in Eastern Creek in the west of the city at 5:15 pm Saturday night following the incident.

The NSW Ambulance Service told Channel 9 that four people were taken to hospital, including one seriously injured in the blast.

One person sustained burns while three others sustained minor injuries. reached out to NSW Ambos for comment.

A video of the event clearly showed the horror event taking place at the Australian Top Fuel Championship, a new high-profile drag racing tournament that takes place over two days.

As a commentator recounts the day’s action, an explosion occurs in one of the vehicles behind him. seemingly without warning.

At the time, there appeared to be at least nine people in the immediate vicinity of the racing car that was part of Jim Read’s racing team.

The presenter instinctively ducked midway through the broadcast and simply said “Whoa” as the fireball exploded. Shouts could be heard from the grandstand.

When the camera returned to the car, a man dressed in a yellow vest could be seen lying on the floor as people swarmed around to help him.

On Facebook, Sydney Dragway posted a commentary on the event later on Saturday.

“Before today, there was an accident on the starting line involving one of the competing teams,” he said.

“A full investigation into the cause of the accident is underway in collaboration with the organizers of the Australian Top Fuel Championship and the sanctioning body at Sydney Dragway, International Hot Rod Association Australia.

“Our thoughts are with the team members involved and we hope to see them back on track soon.”

Commenting on social media, one person said it was “loud, like a grenade”.

“I was 50 meters away and the concussion shook me.”

Others said it was a “massive explosion” and “terrifying”.

“I was behind the barrier, next to it,” viewer Di said.

“It happened so fast and we felt the heat.”

Originally published as Four injured after the fireball at the Sydney drag racing event