Take the L! Corey DeAngelis Embarrasses TX Rep (and Troll) Gene Wu AGAIN in School Choice Back and Forth – Twitchy

You’d think by now Texas would have figured out this Gene Wu guy is a dumpster fire of awful and stop electing him and yet, here we are. We suppose even red states like Texas have little blue dots of stupid where people like Wu can get elected.

Wu really really really hates the idea of poor children having advantages that his children have.

Pretty awful, right?

Take a gander:

Imagine thinking it’s a scam to give children real opportunity when it comes to their education.

We’re going to bet every member of this ‘team’ that shot it down has taken money from the teacher’s union.

Corey DeAngelis, our favorite school choice warrior, with the takedown:

But that’s ok see, because he’s privileged, see.

Wu tried to push back:


Incel? Really? This guy is an elected official … let that sink in.

Enter Corey with multiple TKOs:

Yeah, that’s Wu.

All while he fights against other children having the same opportunities.

What a Dbag.

And typical Democrat.



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