Takealot vs macro: online price comparison

Makro has big plans to increase its online sales and compete with South African internet retail giant Takealot. However, a MyBroadband comparison showed that Makro’s prices on tech products are generally higher.

MyBroadband compared a sample of ten items, including smartphones, TVs, game consoles, wearables, and computer peripherals.

The most significant price difference was LG’s 86-inch Nanocell 75 Series 4K Smart TV, which Takelot sells for R35,999 – R5,000 cheaper than Makro’s price of R40,999.

Takealot also sells the MSI Prestige 14 Evo laptop with 32GB of RAM and 512GB of solid state storage for the R21.999. The same laptop will cost you R24,999 from Makro.

The Phillips Series 1200 fully automatic espresso machine is available for R6.999 from Makro, while Takealot sells it for R6.189.

Makro was cheaper for two items, namely the iPhone 13 with 256GB of storage and Logitech’s G903 wireless gaming mouse for the R100 and R213 cheaper than Takealot.

The growth of Massmart’s online sales

Massmart Holdings – Makro’s parent company – has the the second largest online presence in South Africa behind Takealot, according to its CEO, Mitchell Slape.

He said they are in second place for online sales volumes and traffic through their Makro, Game and Builders online stores.

Despite its success in online retail, Massmart is still not satisfied with its volumes.

“We believe there are many opportunities to continue to grow and go even further,” said Slape.

To help Massmart achieve its goal, it hired Sylvester John, a former Walmart vice president for North America, to lead its e-commerce team.

Massmart said it will take advantage of John’s expertise and use Walmart’s technology to scale up its e-commerce operations in South Africa.

The company also acquired last-mile delivery company OneDrop and signed a deal with acquire 87.5% of the shares issued in OneCart.

“We continue to make progress in several areas and our core goal is that we want to meet customers where they want to be reached, both in-store and online,” said Slape.

The price of a range of tech items available from both Makro and Takealot is compared below.

Price Comparison between Macro and Tackle
element The price of Macro Takealot’s price
iPhone 13 256GB Black R19.399 R19.499
Xbox Series S 512GB R7.499 R6.999
Samsung Galaxy A8 Wi-Fi 32GB R4.999 R4.499
MSI Prestige 14Evo i7 32GB RAM 512 SSD R24.999 R21.999
86-inch LG Nanocell 75 4K Smart TV R40.999 R35.999
Skyworth 50-inch 4K TV € 7,799 R7.499
Logitech G903 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse R2.169 R2.382
Garmin Fenix ​​6 Smartwatch (47 mm) € 11,999 € 11,499
Philips 1200 Series fully automatic espresso machine R6.999 R6.189
AOC CQ27G3S 165Hz gaming monitor R7.999 R7.848

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