Tash Oakley reveals health struggle with long Covid extreme fatigue

Aussie model and influencer Natasha Oakley has revealed the symptoms she’s still struggling with months after contracting Covid.

Aussie model and influencer Natasha Oakley has revealed she is battling “extreme fatigue” after being struck down with long Covid.

The 31-year-old bikini designer, who grew up in Sydney and now lives in Los Angeles, was diagnosed with a “bad case” of the virus earlier this year.

She said she was physically down for weeks, hardly able to work or even get up at times.

Tash, who is the founder of Monday Swimwear, The Pilates Class and Emma Pills, leads a busy lifestyle, but has been forced to take it easy after struggling with debilitating symptoms.

“I had a few great days and [I am] on the road to recovery, but today am fully back to resting and making sure I don’t push myself because my extreme fatigue is back,” she told her 2.9 million Instagram followers on Tuesday.

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“My joint and muscle pain is definitely improving,” adding that acupuncture has been a “saving grace” for those symptoms.

“I have been working on blood circulation, gut health and stress levels.”

She explained another one of her symptoms is acid reflux and has been focusing on revamping her diet.

“Your gut health is the most important factor in having a strong immune system and although I eat very healthy and consider myself a healthy person, I clearly had an imbalance no doctor had previously pointed out to me,” she said.

The 31-year-old linked followers to a website with details a diet for acid reflux that involves avoiding coffee, alcohol, citrus fruits, spicy and fatty food, and chocolate.

She emphasised that everyone is different and you have to do your research based off your symptoms.

“[I] just wanted to share my personal findings along the way” she said.

On Thursday, she updated fans, sharing a photo of an ultra sound alongside a caption that read: “Had a rough night and morning tbh – finally got an appointment with a cardiologist which really helped with my anxiety about my symptoms.”

Tash is yet to reveal the findings of her tests.

Last week, she revealed her battle with long Covid – which is when individuals previously infected with the virus suffer ongoing symptoms longer than 12 weeks.

“I have been going through something quite personal that I haven’t wanted to share until now,” she told fans at the time.

“Earlier in the year I got quite a bad case of Covid, I was physically down for weeks, hardly able to work or even get up at times.

“After two weeks I was able to start to walk around or do activities for a few hours but was so fatigued I would need to immediately come home and rest.”

The businesswoman, who boasts a $63 million fashion and fitness empire, said the symptoms lasted for months and included extreme tension headaches, extreme dizziness and joint and muscle pain and mild brain fog.

“It really has been debilitating at times and I had a lot of anxiety and depression. I took it easy, ate healthily, did gentle pilates, walking and stretching and slowly after four months started to see improvements.”

She then revealed that after she got her booster shot she began to feel much worse for reasons she cannot explain.

“This has been really difficult for me given that I am an active and driven person and I have been struggling with anxiety about my health because these symptoms are relentless and doctors have hardly any answers or very different ones if they do,” she told Instagram followers at the time.

“On my most recent flight to LA, I actually had to be taken off the plane by medics because my heartbeat was jumping and my muscle pain was so bad.”

She emphasised she wasn’t an anti-vaxxer and strongly believed in the importance of vaccination but she was just ‘unfortunate” to have had ill effects as a result.

“I wanted to share my current health journey firstly to make sure everyone takes Covid seriously. I always did and was very open to vaccination but unfortunately still fell very ill and now have ongoing long Covid that I am really, really struggling with,” she said.

“Unfortunately Covid is something we just don’t have the answers to, doctors still have no idea what long Covid is and can only speculate as to why we have it.

“I am so hopeful that with good health, rest and a positive mindset I will feel better at some point but for now it’s a struggle and that’s okay because life is tough sometimes.”

Originally published as Tash Oakley reveals health struggle with long Covid extreme fatigue

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