Taylor Lorenz posts photo of her thermostat set to 90 pisses off both left and right – twitchy.com

Taylor Lorenz may be the most despised person on social media.

And nothing says, ‘Look at me! Watch me!’ like talking about how you set the thermostat to 90 degrees like it’s not totally insane.

Case in point:

The needle?! She is really crazy! She told us!

Then he goes on to point out how sad and hot it will be in Washington

This is a weird tweet thread.


This seems to suit her.

And as usual, with almost everything Taylor seems to be publishing, people have dragged her for it. Hey, if she earned it all.

Finally it all makes sense.


Oh, and the people who drag her for it aren’t just right. There seems to be a lot of dislike to go around …

Still, it still works.

Read the ROOM, Taylor.


It is literally killing all the polar bears and things like that.

And considering how crazy most people are these days, that’s really saying something.

Watch out, she’ll start crying. Or she might try to punish someone, you can never tell.



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