Ted Cruz, who incited the 1/6 attack, accuses Biden of using mafia violence to threaten SCOTUS

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) called the left and the crowd and said President Biden is threatening the lives of Supreme Court judges.


Cruz told Fox News Sunday Morning Futures:

Senator Cruz told Fox News Sunday Morning Futures:

Well, that was the intent of this employee. We now have left-wing groups that have published the addresses of the judges. The intent of this employee was to intimidate, threaten and intimidate the judges into changing their votes. And it was shameful that the White House refused to condemn the violent protesters who threatened Supreme Court families.

It’s shameful and Joe Biden was chairman of the judiciary committee. He knows he is shameful. He is literally threatening the lives of these judges from the crowd they are unleashing. It’s the same thing we saw with the black lives and the Antifa riots where the left embraced them, and now they’re embracing mob violence to get their partisan result.

Ted Cruz and Trump incited mob violence on 1/6

Inciting mob violence to achieve a desired political outcome is what Donald Trump and Ted Cruz did on 6/1. There is a video of rioters in the Capitol saying they were doing what Ted Cruz wanted.

Dr. Fauci also nailed Ted Cruz for inciting the 1/6 attack.

It is a classic projection case for Ted Cruz to suggest that Joe Biden is seeking “mass violence,” which is what Republicans call women who do not want their rights taken from them and who are engaging in these days. peaceful protests.

If anyone deserves prosecution for inciting a violent attack aimed at biased political goals, it is Ted Cruz.

What Cruz called a crowd is only Americans peacefully expressing the fact that they will not stand by in silence and allow their rights to be stolen.

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