Texas Attorney General ignores Uvalde, but opens investigation on fake Twitter accounts

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton doesn’t have time to do anything about the Uvalde shooting, but he’s investigating the fake Twitter accounts.

This is what the Republican Attorney General focuses on:

Nineteen children and two teachers have died, but the real problem is the Twitter bot accounts. A bot account never entered a classroom and killed 21 people, but the 18-year-old mass shooter who was able to purchase an AR-15 did so at Robb Elementary.

Nearly half of Republicans (44%) in a CBS News poll released Sunday he believed that mass shootings were just something we have to live with like bad weather. Republicans behave as if nothing could be done when the solution is right in front of everyone.

The Republican belief that nothing can be done is not the same as that Republicans don’t want to do anything.

Republicans don’t care about mass shootings.

Not even the deaths of 19 children can cause the Texas Attorney General to suggest that perhaps the state has gone too far with its gun policies by anyone.

Ken Paxton is more interested in saving Elon Musk than saving the lives of the children in his state.

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