The 1/6 committee shows that Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan were heavily involved in the coup

In a court filing, the 1/6 Committee provided evidence that members of Congress including Reps Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan were heavily involved in Trump’s coup.

A witness provides the 1/6 committee with a list of who was involved in the coup

According to testimony from Meadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson to Committee 1/6:

D: Okay.

And then we have a number of members of the House. I think they were from Casa Libertà Caucus. Is this fair in general?

A: This is accurate, in general.

D: OK. So did it include Jim Jordan?

A: Yes, Mr. Jordan was there.

Q: Andy Biggs?

There was a Mr. Biggs.

D Mo Brooks?

There was a certain Mr. Brooks.

D Matt Gaetz?

There was a Mr. Gaetz, although I don’t think Mr. Gaetz is part of the

Caucus of freedom.

Q ok. How about Marjorie Taylor?

A [Inaudible.]

Q Sure. How about Marjorie Taylor Greene?

A was not a member of the Freedom Caucus at the time, as she was still an elected MP, but yes, Ms. Marjorie Taylor Greene was there.

Q How about Louie Gohmert? What hey there?

There was a certain Mr. Gohmert.

Q Do you remember anyone else who was present in the House or Congress? A Mr. Hice, Jody Hice; Mr. Gosar, Paul Gosar; I believe Ms. Lesko, Debbie Lesko from Arizona.

The testimony offered to the Committee was not second-hand or third-hand. It came from an aide of Mark Meadows, who was at the meetings.

There is now evidence that Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz and other House Republicans were working with the Trump administration on a plot to overturn the election.

Jordan seemed terrified that the Committee might get his information. It is now known that he was hiding more than phone calls with Trump. Jim Jordan and House Republicans were involved in planning the coup.

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