The Brazilian president wiped out Leonardo DiCaprio after recent comments on the Amazon rainforest

Private jet enthusiast and climate activist Leonardo DiCaprio put a world leader in charge, who responded immediately with contempt.

Longtime climate activist Leonardo DiCaprio found himself in hot water with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro after making recent comments about the Amazon rainforest.

The Hollywood star, who built an environmental foundation named after him, has regularly given speeches on the topic of climate change as a representative of the United Nations. Her foundation “supports projects around the world that build climate resilience, protect vulnerable wildlife and restore balance to threatened ecosystems and communities.”

In a series of tweets posted this week, DiCaprio urged Brazilians to sign up to vote in upcoming elections to help protect the Amazon rainforest, which lost more than 5,000 square miles between August 2020 and July 2021. According to analysts, the destruction rate has recently soared to levels not seen since 2006.

“Brazil is home to the Amazon and other ecosystems critical to climate change,” he wrote last week. “What happens there matters to all of us and the vote of young people is essential to drive change for a healthy planet.

However, DiCaprio’s move to influence Brazilian politics seemed to rub Bolsonaro the wrong way. The Brazilian leader highlighted recent WTO (World Trade Organization) comments that Brazilian agribusiness keeps food on the table for millions of people around the world.

“Now, DiCaprio needs to know that it was the president of the World Trade Organization himself who said that without Brazilian agribusiness the world would be starving,” Bolsonaro said.

“So, DiCaprio better keep his mouth shut instead of talking nonsense.”

Bolsonaro then thanked DiCaprio for discouraging citizens from voting and praised his Oscar-winning performance. The avenger.

“Thanks for your support Leo! It is really important that all Brazilians vote in the next elections, ”she said. “Our people will decide whether they want to maintain our sovereignty over the Amazon or be ruled by criminals who serve special foreign interests. Good work in The Revenant.

The Brazilian president also accused the Hollywood star of spreading disinformation using old photos of the fires in the Amazon.

“By the way, the photo you posted to talk about the fires in the Amazon in 2019 is from 2003. There are people who want to arrest Brazilian citizens who make this kind of mistake here in our country. But I am against this tyrannical idea. So I forgive you. A hug from Brazil! ” He said.

DiCaprio has courted criticism in the past for his open stance on environmentalism. In 2019 the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star thing questioned about their carbon footprint after several photos of him aboard private jets and yachts circulated on social media.

In October, a group of climate lawyers urged the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate Bolsonaro for his hand in the accelerated destruction of the rainforest, which they described as “crimes against humanity”.

According to the INPE report, 941.34 square kilometers of forest was destroyed between January and March of this year, the largest amount recorded since the institute began monitoring deforestation rates in 2016.

Originally published as The Brazilian president wiped out Leonardo DiCaprio after recent comments on the Amazon rainforest