The Catholic Culture Podcast: 122 – Minor Indignities

Jan 12, 2022

T.C. Merrill’s debut novel, Minor Indignities, is an
evocative portrayal of the vanity of undergraduate life at an Ivy
League university. Its protagonist, a freshman consumed with what
others think of him intellectually, socially and sexually, only
makes a fool of himself the more he strains to impress. The novel
ultimately becomes a richness of embarrassments whose final
catastrophe illustrates the saying of St. Bernard: “Humiliation is
the way to humility.”

Merrill joins the show to talk about his novel, his essay “The
Situation of the Catholic Novelist”, Waugh’s Brideshead
, how a fiction writer should approach depicting
sexuality, the relation between art and emotion, and René

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Minor Indignities

“The Situation of the Catholic Novelist”

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