The crane falls on the New Albany house as it removes the tree

NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WAVE) – Teams are working to clean up the scene after a crane fell on a house while clearing a tree in New Albany.

The incident occurred Tuesday afternoon after a tree removal service was hired to remove a tree in a homeowner’s yard on Woodbourne Drive.

New Albany Police Chief Todd Bailey said the tree-pruning truck collapsed as it was positioned above the house.

Heather Parsons-Phillips had been living in the house for nearly four years and knew something was wrong, so she went out to record what was going on.

“They took a section (of the tree), no problem, and another section, so I came here by the way,” Parsons-Phillips said. “You could see the front of the truck go up a bit. I don’t know anything about tree removal, so I thought it was normal. Then he started to climb a little more “.

He said that when an employee got on the truck to give him more power, the weight of the tree had dragged the truck onto the roof of his house.

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The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon at Woodbourne Drive. (Source: Heather Parsons-Phillips)

“From the start, when he was driving back, I had some kind of anxiety about it, just because it was such a big truck in such a small driveway,” Parsons-Phillips said. “I thought the video would be a good idea, just because I’ve seen so many videos on Instagram of things like that happening.”

Duke Energy said around 60 customers in the Woodbourne Drive and Hickory Grove area were out of power while the power lines were being repaired.

New Albany police said no injuries were reported. Woodbourne Drive was closed as emergency teams cleared the truck.

Just before 11pm, about six hours after being called, the crews had straightened the truck on its wheels and put the arm back on the truck.

Neighbors, who had been watching since the teams started work, gave a little applause as the truck pulled away from the house.

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