The Dangers in My Heart Season 2 Anime NYC Premiere – All the Announcements from Anime NYC 2023

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The Dangers in My Heart was a warm and welcoming surprise. While waiting in line for the premiere of season two, I was able to bond with people who thought about how the show would be based on its initial description. What we thought was going to be dark and edgy ended up being one of the sweetest and most wholesome adolescent stories we’ve had all year. The more I sit on it, the more I think The Dangers in My Heart might be a strong contender for my anime of the year and I have a feeling that I’m not alone with that.

Season two of The Dangers in My Heart is set to air in a few months and I am excited. The premiere didn’t have a lot of festivities besides giveaways based on some quick trivia questions. This episode wasted no time with flashbacks or recaps. Instead, it picks up right after the last episode. I think it takes place the same day the final scene of season one took place with the entire cast just chilling in the classroom as Kyotaro monologues over how he’s going to navigate these incredibly awkward social situations with his not-girlfriend Anna.

This episode felt a lot more segmented compared to most of season one. While all the events of the episode took place throughout the same day, there were a lot more clear divides in how the episode ended scenes. This could be the reason why the first episode felt a lot longer than it probably was. The episode squeezes in a lot of material from resolving simple misunderstandings to Kyotaro realizing that more people might notice the relationship between him and Anna. That’s just a nitpick at worst and a minor thing at best because if you enjoyed season one, you wouldn’t have any complaints about this premiere.

I loved the simple ambient soundtrack and how it punctuated the anxiety that our characters felt. Kyotaro’s monologues are equal parts funny as they are endearing. Despite the pacing, every episode ends with genuine progress between Kyotaro and Anna. The second episode ends with a significant event being triggered. There was an audible groan throughout the audience because all of us wanted to see what would happen next.

A solid start for what is shaping up to be my most anticipated sequel of 2024.

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