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The oldest carmaker in the world has shown its future car destined for Australia and it has truly impressive performance.

This is, literally, the next big thing in Mercedes-EQ, the EV-only sub-brand of

the oldest car manufacturer in the world. It’s the EQS SUV – yes, that’s the official title – and it will be

ready in the second half of this year.

The Mercedes-Benz Alabama factory is accelerating to full production speed

market launch. The global launch will begin in the United States, where the XL size SUVs are located

popular. The EQS SUV is not likely to reach Australia until next year.

While huge, tall and heavy, the EQS SUV won’t be short on range.

Depending on the model it will be able to cover from 507km to 660km between charges,

according to official test results.

The size and shape of the EQS SUV mean these figures aren’t that impressive

like the EQS sedan, which sets an aerodynamic record for series cars with its drag of 0.20

efficient. Even so, the electric SUV will not be the type of electric vehicle capable of inducing range


As the name implies, the new SUV shares most of the technology of its electric propulsion system

the luxurious EQS liftback limousine produced last year in Stuttgart and on its way

Australia around June. Both vehicles travel on the same pace and the SUV does

the same 108kW floor standing lithium-ion battery pack that goes into the best EQS variants.

The two also use identical electric motors, although the power outputs are slightly increased

for the SUV, says Holger Enzmann, the engineer who led the development of the

dedicated EV platform that provides the technological foundation for the EQS SUV and the EQS e

EQE sedans.

Two-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions of the EQS SUV will roll off the Tuscaloosa assembly line, which will supply the vehicle to markets around the world. With just one engine driving the rear axle, the 450+ will be the champion of the range. The double-engine variants 450 4Matic and 580 4Matic have also been confirmed for production.

All EQS SUVs will have air suspension, says Enzmann, and an extra off-road driving mode that raises the vehicle by 25 or 30mm.

With a comfortable length of over five meters, the EQS SUV has a very spacious interior. It will be sold in five- and seven-seater interior layouts. The third row seats are designed for

passengers up to about 1.7 meters high, according to Enzmann.

As with the other Mercedes-EQ models built on the company’s new EV platform

The extraordinary full-width “hyper-screen” instrument cluster with glass front will be available

the EQS SUV.

It is an SUV also designed for the digital age. The cabin has eight USB ports as well

two inductive charging pads.

But the most interesting detail about this bulky electric vehicle is that its optional running boards double up

as aeronautical aid. Enzmann says they measurably reduce the EQS resistance factor


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