The View’s Sunny Hostin Tells Black Republican Lindsey Granger that “Black Republican” (and “Latin Republican”) is “an oxymoron” [video]

Journalist, writer and producer Lindsey Granger was a co-host guest on “The View” this week. And based on his job titles alone, you might think he would fit perfectly over there.

But you would be wrong. Because while she is an experienced young woman, she is also-wince! – a Republican.

And that’s more than a tolerant progressive like Sunny Hostin can handle:

Quick note, if we can: If Sunny Hostin wants to understand Latin Republicans, she shouldn’t be talking to a liberal Democrat like Ana Navarro.

But back to Hostin vs Granger. Holy racism, Batman.

Black Republicans exist and are not an oxymoron. After all, Latin republicans also exist and they are not oxymorons. There are Asian Republicans, Native American Republicans, and LGBTQ + Republicans, and none of them are oxymorons.

Sunny Hostin, however … well, she’s just an idiot. Big one.

“The View” is truly racist.

Yes, Ana Navarro has only further cemented her unbearable here. She could learn a lot from someone like Lindsey Granger, who, unlike her, isn’t content with just sitting there and giving a lift to bigotry.

Good for Granger to get ready to play hard ball. Hostin (and Navarro) didn’t have a prayer.



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