There are no legacy people, only legacy technologies: TCS CEO Rajesh Gopinathan

Bombay: Nanny Consulting Services (TCS) CEO Rajesh Gopinathan said on Friday that consistently investing in its large employee base will increase its efforts to support and participate in more technology cycles across the industry.

Speaking to the Times Network India Economic Conclave, Gopinathan said the current geopolitical uncertainties will be another opportunity to participate in a new round of technology demand.

“I think the main reason we enjoy high employee loyalty and retention is that we believe our greatest asset is our people. And that there are no legacy people, only legacy technologies, “she said.

The company has some of the lowest dropout rates in the industry, hires the maximum number of freshmen each year, and has over 592,000 employees.

“We have proven time and time again that by continuing to train our people, by continuing to provide the first right of denial for all new opportunities to our existing people, we have been able to change and sustainably manage these multiple transitions that the our industry sees it, ”Gopinathan said. “So this is TCS’s magic sauce and everything else is a byproduct of our ability to actually retain and grow our talent base and continually invest in it.”

As the world faces a geopolitical and economic crisis following the Covid-19 pandemic, there are concerns about the impact different sectors will have. However, Gopinathan expressed confidence that India’s largest software services company by revenue would be able to find opportunities in this scenario as well.

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“Any period of volatility is also a period of opportunity. We have been able to tackle Brexit with significant growth and significant value addition in our UK market to become the number one service provider in the region, “he said.” We surpassed that during the Brexit period. Hence, I see periods of volatility as natural phenomena that we should be prepared to face in any market we operate in. ”

By positioning TCS in a way that allows it to help clients in a crisis and having the right investment mindset to build capacity has helped the company achieve these milestones, he added.

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