These are the fastest growing companies in South Africa right now

The Financial Times and data firm Statista have released their inaugural ranking of the fastest growing African companies, with several major South African companies included on the list.

The companies were ranked by the highest compound annual growth (CAGR) in revenue between 2017 and 2020.

The ranking was created through a complex procedure. Although the research was extensive, the list is not exhaustive as some companies did not want to make their figures public or did not participate for other reasons.

Statista has identified thousands of companies in Africa as potential candidates for the ranking, through company database searches and other public sources. These companies were invited to participate in the contest by post and email.

The process required that the submitted revenue data be certified by the CEO, CFO or a member of the company’s executive committee.

South African companies

South Africa is the most represented country on the list (24), after Nigeria (20) and Kenya (9). These are also the markets that attracted the most venture capital and where unicorns (companies worth more than $ 1 billion) and would-be unicorns grew up, the Financial Times said.

Precious metals group Northam Platinum was ranked as the fastest growing company in South Africa (10th on the continental list), beating financial services group Long4Life (12th) and mining company Royal Bafokeng (14th). The largest South African company by market capitalization, Naspers, ranks 37th on the overall list.

Company Name sector Absolute growth rates Compound annual growth rate
Northam Platinum Ltd. Precious metals 331.7% 62.8%
Long4Life Ltd. financial services 304.9% 59.4%
Royal Bafokeng Platinum Ltd. Precious metals 282.4% 56.4%
eAdvance Pty Ltd. (SPARK schools) Education 276.3% 55.5%
Yoco Technologies Pty Ltd. fintech 267.4% 54.3%
Store Age Property REIT Ltd. Support services 158.0% 37.2%
Entelect Software Pty Ltd. Technology 148.8% 35.5%
Purple Group Ltd. financial services 118.3% 29.7%
Anglo American Platinum Ltd. Precious metals 109.8% 28.0%
Sea Harvest Group Ltd. Food and Beverage 105.3% 27.1%
Nasper Ltd. Average 98.8% 25.7%
Sygnia Ltd. financial services 98.4% 25.7%
Leat Corp. See in detail 91.7% 24.2%
The online training room Education 85.6% 22.9%
Iser Pty. Ltd (Expert Shops) See in detail 73.5% 20.2%
HearX Group Pty Ltd. Technology 70.1% 19.4%
Afrimat Ltd. Precious metals 65.8% 18.4%
Harmony Gold Mining Co. Ltd. Precious metals 50.0% 14.5%
cognition holding ltd Technology 46.0% 13.5%
Capital Ltd. transaction financial services 44.4% 13.0%
Impala Platinum Holdings Ltd. Precious metals 43.3% 12.8%
Gold Field Ltd. Precious metals 40.9% 12.1%
Zulu Lounge SA Pty Ltd. Personal and household items 29.8% 9.1%

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