They had a duty to speak

Tom Nichols: “Even if we give Esper and all the others who have served in the most honorable and conscientious way possible a little time until they are faced with the impasse of resignation or dismissal, the fact is that these men and these women have been silent for a long time too long once they are out of government service. They withheld important things that the American people and their elected representatives needed to know. They kept them as personal secrets, or out of some sense of misplaced bureaucratic ownership, or because they had a book deal and didn’t want to steal their lightning bolt on the day of release. “

“They had a duty to speak first. And they have failed in this duty. “

“Esper, Mattis, Tillerson and many, many more people who crawled through the Shawshank sewer that were the four years of the Trump administration they needed to talk when they were out. Instead, they made fun of their bombs on the books or played shy games of slapping and tickling on the cable outlets. “

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