‘This is not a drill!’ Eric Swalwell fools himself by claiming Republicans are “coming for your contraception” – twitchy.com

Would someone please, with sugar on top, provide Eric Swalwell with the story of Republicans who have been trying for decades to legalize over-the-counter birth control? And THEN please point out that the Democrats have been blocking these efforts for years and years and years?

Democrats are going to talk a lot of bullshit as we get closer to November because if they can’t scare people into voting, with the horrible work they’ve done so far they know they’re done halfway through.

This guy…

Domestic suppliers of babies.


Eric is getting Twitched over AOC these days. And that’s not a good thing.

It’s like it’s getting dumber in real time.

Let’s see what he did there.


Wouldn’t it be great to see them really worried about something REAL happening in this country instead of screaming and pushing lies to terrorize their base?

But this is not a catchy topic that will piss off stupid people and they trust us, Eric needs all the stupid people he can find.

These are exactly the images we see every time we look at Swalwell’s timeline.



AND THIS is why I’m FREAKIN ‘out: Elon Musk says the quiet part out loud about Twitter’s “strong leftist bias”

David Frum’s lame claim SCOTUS lied to senators about Roe beautifully DEBUNKED by Ted Frank in a short thread full of receipts

And the prize for the stupidest protesters goes to -> Pro-abortion protesters in Los Angeles call for the abolition of SCOTUS (watch)

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