Thread Describing Alito’s “thoughtful, academic and thorough” draft will make you FIST-PUMP –

We’ve seen a lot about the actual act of leaking the draft Alito and of course the absolute, upset, untied collapse left also on the CHANCE that they won’t be able to stop on demand, using the supposedly safe, legal and RARE procedure. as birth control, but what we haven’t seen is very much about what the actual draft says.

Thanks a lot to Carrie Severino for analyzing it for us so that this publisher can understand it too.

The opinion concludes that the Constitution does not provide for the right to abortion.


The roe deer was an abuse of the judicial authority and was absolutely armed.

so good

To continue.



This won’t stop the left from pretending it’s political, but it’s true. Abortion should have zero constitutional protections … it’s not a right.

We could cry, it’s so beautiful.

This. This. This.

Alito did it. I’m sorry, I’m not sorry.



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