Tiffiny Hall praised for ‘real’ post-baby body photo after second child

The fitness star gave birth just days ago, but she’s just shared a photo of herself in her undies – and fans are praising her for being so “raw”.

Just days after giving birth, Tiffiny Hall has shared a photo of her post-partum body, prompting women to praise the fitness trainer for being “raw” with her fans.

The 37-year-old welcomed daughter Vada, her second child with husband Ed Kavalee, on May 30.

She’s also mum to son Arnold, 4.

In a post shared just days after giving birth, Tiff opened up about the difficulties of the “4th trimester”, the name given to the first few months after giving birth.

“Home from hospital with Vada. Juggling post partum recovery, nurturing the sibling relationship so no one feels left out, sleep deprivation and feeding,” she wrote.

“Let the 4th trimester begin. The washing can wait! Any tips?”

Alongside her post, Tiff shared a photo of herself cradling baby Vada while wearing just a bra and knickers.

In the snap, Tiff’s post-partum body was on full display, she even had her hospital tag still around her right ankle.

Her “stunning” photo was quickly flooded with comments from Tiff’s fans, many thanking the star for being “raw” and “real” with them.

“Love the raw, realness of this pic ️you are fantastic Tiff,” one said.

“So lovely seeing what it’s really like, thank you for sharing with us,” another wrote.

“So beautiful thanks for sharing the real authentic truth,” someone else added.

Others shared their own tips for adjusting to life with baby number two, stating it was “okay to ignore household duties”.

“Be kind to yourself – rest when you can. I found it challenging going from one child to two children. I felt guilty for not spending all my time with my first born. But I realised this can be normal to feel that way,” one mum responded.

“Outsource washing to anyone that offers to help! Meanwhile enjoy your babies, allow no guilt for minimal house duties!” another advised.

While one said: “Looking fab Tiff. Take care of yourself, rest whenever you can, yes, absolutely homework can wait xo Seek professional help if you ever needed it, talking about it your struggles as a Mumma bear is so important, it’s no walk in park.”

Alongside the caption on her post, Tiff added the hashtag “#bounceforward”, a movement she started in response to social pressures put on mums to “bounce back” after giving birth.

The former Biggest Loser coach gained 30kg during her first pregnancy and felt overwhelmed by being expected to “bounce back” within weeks of her son’s arrival.

But she refused to listen to the noise and instead chose to “take her time” – later going on to create a new program on her fitness app MYTXO that was designed especially for mums.

“To be honest, I didn’t want to bounce back after having a baby,” Tiff told news.com.au in March 2019.

“Crash dieting and the damage it can have on the body and emotional and mental wellbeing is not good for new mums.”

Tiff explained she took it “very slow” after giving birth, which wasn’t what people expected of the fitness expert.

“It could have damaged my business because it changed my image and all that. But I didn’t care. I wanted to rehab my body after the trauma of birth properly,” she said.

“It was never about the bikini body for me.”

Tiff also gave a TEDx talk in Sydney on the topic in February 2019 and is dedicated to helping women feel confident and strong.

Most recently, Tiff posed with her baby bump on the front cover of Women’s Health when she was 26 weeks’ pregnant. At the time, Tiff said she felt “honoured and empowered to be the first pregnant woman to ever grace a @womenshealthaus magazine cover”, writing it was once “taboo to show your bump”.

“Over my 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, I have seen it evolve into a landscape that now embraces the beauty of pregnancy as well as post-partum bodies,” she wrote on Instagram.

“It was once taboo to show your bump in tight clothing – let alone a naked bump – or even as I have … exercising and staying active whilst pregnant.

“I’m proud of my strong pregnant body and believe the bump and a woman’s ever-changing body should be celebrated in all its glory at every shape, size and stage of life.”

Originally published as Tiffiny Hall praised for keeping it ‘real’ and ‘raw’ after second baby

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