Trump news today: Backed by ex-president, JD Vance wins Ohio Republican Senate primary

Biden roasts Trump ‘plague’ at White House Correspondents Dinner

Donald Trump’s preferred candidate JD Vance is set to be the Republican nominee for the US Senate from Ohio as he registered a victory in the primary election there.

Mr Vance, whose long history of opposition to Mr Trump turned off many conservatives despite his enthusiastic embrace of hardcore culture war rhetoric, ultimately captured close to 32 per cent of the vote, putting him more than eight points ahead of former frontrunner Josh Mandel.

The Hillbilly Elegy author’s victory represents a show of the power the former president’s endorsement still holds within the GOP.

Meanwhile, Mr Trump has settled a long-running lawsuit brought by the DC attorney general over the financing of his 2017 inauguration, specifically focused on the Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue.

In a statement, Mr Trump claimed to be settling the case “with absolutely no admission of liability or guilt” and couched the news in the context of violent crime, essentially saying he was giving the capital’s law enforcement agencies a break. The settlement reportedly totals some $750,000.


“What a joke”: Tim Ryan ready for his Ohio rival

Democratic Senate nominee Tim Ryan had already prepared his anti-Vance attack ad, foregrounding the Republican candidate’s increasingly bilious rhetoric about the state of America.

Watch his opening volley below:

Andrew Naughtie4 May 2022 10:31


Poll finds over half of Americans want Trump to face criminal charges over Jan 6

A little over half of Americans believe that former president Donald Trump should face criminal charges for encouraging the 6 January Capitol riot, according to a new poll.

A Washington Post-ABC News poll found that 52 per cent of Americans, a narrow majority, want to see the twice-impeached president criminally charged, while just 42 per cent say that he should not be charged with a crime.

Abe Asher has more details on the poll here:

Stuti Mishra4 May 2022 10:00


Kinzinger unsurprised Trump ‘wanted protesters shot in the legs’

ICYMI: A new book by Donald Trump’s former secretary of defense Mark Esper confirms earlier reports that in 2020, the president was so incensed by Black Lives Matter protesters outside the White House that he suggested calling in the military to shoot them, if only in the legs.

The ex-president’s critics are not surprised.

Stuti Mishra4 May 2022 09:15


How Trump passed the test as kingmaker in Ohio

The primary elections in Ohio and Indiana on Tuesday stood as the first real test of former president Donald Trump’s status as the Republican Party kingmaker — and he passed.

Here are the key takeaways from the races:

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Right-wingers crediting Trump for the end of Roe

ICYMI: The draft Supreme Court opinion leaked last night is not necessarily the final version of the court’s decision, and nor has the vote on that decision been made clear – but many right-wing Republicans are already taking it for granted that Roe v Wade is dead, and that Donald Trump deserves the credit for appointing the jusitices who’ve buried it.

Read more below from Bevan Hurley.

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Report: Capitol Police officer accidentally discharged gun in House office building

ICYMI: It has emerged that a member of the US Capitol Police accidentally “discharged a weapon” in a breakroom at the Cannon House Office Building, which sits across the street from the US Capitol.

In a statement, Capitol Police spokesman Tim Barber said: “The Capitol Police’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) is investigating the discharge of a USCP weapon inside a breakroom in the Cannon Office Building. The officer has been suspended while OPR investigates the incident.”

There have been other incidents involving Capitol Police officers and their weapons in recent years, including an infamous one where a lieutenant left his service weapon in a bathroom. It was eventually found by another officer.

Stuti Mishra4 May 2022 07:00


JD Vance wins GOP Senate primary in Ohio

Donald Trump’s preferred candidate JD Vance will be the next Republican nominee for the US Senate from Ohio as he registered a victory in the primary election there.

Mr Vance captured close to 32 per cent of the vote with 67 per cent of the results counted by 9.30pm ET on Tuesday, when the Associated Press called the race.

Mr Vance’s victory represents a show of the power the former president’s endorsement still holds within the GOP.

John Bowden has more details on the race here:

Stuti Mishra4 May 2022 06:07


Analysis: Republicans could face a dire Roe v Wade backlash

ICYMI: After a night outside the Supreme Court reporting on the protests that followed the leak of Samuel Alito’s opinion overturning Roe v Wade, Eric Garcia writes that for all the conservative jubilation at the prospect of the decision being thrown out at last, the consequences could be harsh for the Republican Party.

A Washington Post/ABC News poll published on Sunday found that 47 percent of voters trust Democrats as opposed to Republicans on abortion. That number is likely to nosedive even more if this leaked draft becomes the official opinion of the Supreme Court — especially considering other polls show that the majority of Americans support safe and legal access to abortion.

“This is really unprecedented, and just to be frank with you is going to piss a lot of people off across the country,” Marcela Mulholland, political director for the progressive polling outlet Data for Progress, told me in the wake of the news. “And there’s been a lot of talk about this being a tough midterm cycle for Democrats. But I really think there’s no telling how a decision like this could have ramifications and really be a backlash against conservatives who are stripping people of their constitutional rights to bodily autonomy.”

Read his full dispatch below.

Graeme Massie4 May 2022 05:05


Hillary Clinton on Alito’s Roe opinion

ICYMI: Hillary Clinton, whose defeat paved the way for Donald Trump to appoint three anti-abortion Supreme Court justices, has given her view on the leaked draft opinion from justice Samuel Alito that would effectively overturn Roe v Wade:

Graeme Massie4 May 2022 04:00


ICYMI: Grand jury being selected in Georgia Trump case

ICYMI: Authorities in Fulton County, Georgia, yesterday began the process of impanelling grand jurors in a case examining whether Donald Trump illegally tried to influence the outcome of the 2020 election by pressuring state officials to “find” enough votes to flip the state Mr Trump’s way.

The case is one of the most serious of many legal threats to Mr Trump’s political future, and hinges on a recorded phonecall from January 2021 in which the then-president told Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger: “I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have.”

Mr Trump continues to insist that Georgia was stolen from him via organised fraud, but has produced no evidence to back up his claims. Multiple re-examinations of the state’s votes have turned up no irregularities that could have affected the result.

Graeme Massie4 May 2022 03:13