Trump’s grip on the GOP is stronger than ever

Sarah Longwell: “Mr. Vance’s victory will likely be a disappointment to some Republicans who quietly hoped that Trump’s hold on the party was slipping. They see the midterm as an existential moment for the party. They are keenly aware that if the candidates he endorsed do so. behave well, the feeling of inevitability that he will be the party candidate in 2024 increases, nullifying any hope of rebuilding a political coalition around anything other than loyalty to Trump … “

“Yet conservatives have to be honest. Right now, there is nothing to be done besides Mr. Trump. He has made the Republican Party into his own image and many Republican voters now crave his particular kind of combative politics. “

“In races across the country, Republicans who have won Trump’s endorsement constantly mention him. Even those who have not obtained his approval constantly mention him. Mr. Trump may not have approved them, but everyone approves of it. “

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