Turn your junk into a slam dunk: Five ‘hot-selling’ Facebook Marketplace items that can earn you extra cash

There’s a lot of weird stuff for sale on Facebook Marketplace – and it isn’t just old strollers, an elliptical that’s collected dust for three years and a gross couch.

But if you can sift through the strange listings, lowball offers and folks who never respond, there are a lot of deals to be had — and money to be made if you’re the one selling.

Insider Monkey rounded up the five hottest-selling categories on Facebook Marketplace based on keyword search interest. 

Let’s review the list, see how much you can make, and review pro tips to help you snag a good deal or make the most cash.

Rf you can sift through the strange listings, lowball offers and folks who never respond, there are a lot of deals to be had — and money to be made if you’re the one selling on Facebook Marketplace

Fitness equipment: 11.13M searches

Bargain-priced fitness equipment may not be too good to be true. 

Many people don’t know the actual value of what they have — or they need to dump it quickly because they’re moving. That stuff is a pain to lug around. 

Either way, you win.

● Buying? Search for specific product names to narrow down your search. Look for listings that indicate the treadmill, bike or whatever else needs to go by a specific date. 

Those sellers are more likely to cut you a good deal.

● Selling? Give your gear a thorough once-over so you know what you’re selling. 

For bigger equipment, include the manufacturer name and model number if possible. 

For weights and all the rest, take enough pictures to make the condition clear.

Fitness equipment has 11.13M searches:  Post clear images of weights and other equipment. Phone access is another hot-selling category

Fitness equipment has 11.13M searches:  Post clear images of weights and other equipment. Phone access is another hot-selling category

Rugs: 11.32M searches

Given how pricey brand-new rugs can be, it’s no wonder used options sell. 

If you have a nice rug you want to unload that’s seen some love (read: dirt), consider having it professionally cleaned or spring for a steam cleaner. 

No one wants to buy a rug with dirt all over it.

Vintage, handwoven rugs are hot sellers, too — and these are the ones that can bring in the big bucks.

● Buying? Look for rugs with natural fibers like wool, silk or cotton. 

They’ll last the longest. If a listing doesn’t include this information, ask the seller.

● Selling? List the dimensions so you don’t have to keep fielding that question. Include high-res photos from different angles; it’ll help you sell it faster. 

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Call out imperfections, like fraying and staining, and state whether the rug comes from a smoke- or pet-free home. 

These are key phrases for anything fabric.

Shoes: 12.01M searches

You’d be surprised how fast shoes can sell. Hard-to-find pairs will go fastest, of course.

● Buying? Freshen up used shoes before wearing them. 

Replace the insoles if they’re worn or dirty. 

Disinfect the insides of the shoes with spray or wipes. 

Baking soda and vinegar kill fungus in sneakers, and rubbing alcohol disinfects suede and leather.

● Selling? Think of worn shoes like used cars; they depreciate when you drive them off the lot. If you wore the shoes once, list them for 50 percent of what you paid. Anything worn five times or more should be listed between 30 percent to 40 percent of their retail value.

Phone accessories: 13.14M searches

We’re willing to bet you have some of this stuff sitting around, especially if you upgrade your phone often.

● Buying? Look for sellers who bundle phone accessories, like a few phone cases and a charger, to get the most savings. 

Oh, and stay away from used earbuds. Even if you find a great deal, remember they’ve been in someone else’s ears.

● Selling? Make sure the accessories you’re listing are for phones currently in use. Sorry, but you can toss the charger for that mid-2000s hot-pink RAZR.

Toys and games: 69.6M searches

People are always looking for toys - and cheap ones

People are always looking for toys – and cheap ones

These searches heat up around the holidays when everyone is looking for a deal — or the hottest toys.

● Buying? Don’t buy used stuffed animals on Facebook Marketplace. 

You have no idea where they’ve been or what bacteria or bugs they’re carrying. 

Lego blocks are also tempting, but remember they’re the toughest to clean and disinfect.

● Selling? Check the list of popular toys released around the holidays. 

Think Cabbage Patch Kids or Furbies back in the day. If you’re selling a hot item or something similar, you’ll get rid of them quickly and make top dollar.

How to sell the smart and safe way 

Selling on Facebook Marketplace or a similar site can be a great way to earn extra cash, but you need to do it safely. Here are tips to help you sell securely and successfully:

● Create clear, honest listings: Describe items accurately, including any defects or wear and tear. Use your own photos rather than stock images. This transparency builds trust and helps avoid disputes.

● Protect personal information: Avoid sharing details like your home address or phone number in the listing. Use Facebook Messenger for communication. Only share your address or contact number if absolutely necessary, and do so privately.

● Meet in public: For in-person transactions, meet in public, well-lit area, preferably during daylight. Some police stations offer safe zones for online transactions. Always inform a friend or family member about the meeting, or take someone with you.

● Apps are OK, but no checks: To avoid handling cash and to have a record of the transaction, consider using a secure payment method like PayPal. Avoid checks or money orders, though. They can be fraudulent.

● Be cautious with shipping: If you’re shipping items, receive payment first. Use a trackable shipping method and consider insurance for expensive items. Keep a record of all shipping and transaction details.

● Price items wisely: Research similar items on FB Marketplace to set a competitive and fair price. Be prepared for negotiation, but know your lowest acceptable price to avoid underselling.

● Avoid over-sharing in your profile: Remember that potential buyers can view your public profile when using Facebook Marketplace. Limit the amount of personal information visible to people you aren’t friends with.

● Trust your instincts: If a deal feels too good to be true or a buyer seems suspicious, it’s OK to back out. Safety should always be your top priority.

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