Twitter probably tests the “Author Likes” label for tweets

San Francisco: Microblog site Twitter is probably testing a new “Liked by Author” label that appears when the creator of a tweet likes your reply.

A spokesperson told TechCrunch that the company has tested several labels to help give people context on the tweets they see, but said that social media Gigante has nothing else to share about this specific label.

It appears that once a tweet author likes a reply, it is marked with a badge that is visible to both the person who left the reply and others who view it, the report states.

While it’s not confirmed whether the label is tested globally, we’re seeing reports from users in several countries who have spotted the label, he added.

The report said it’s worth noting that the new label is similar to tick tockThe creator likes badge that appears similarly when a video creator likes a comment.

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The new label can also be useful in cases where a tweet has received numerous replies and the original poster wants to highlight some of them without having to reply directly.

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