US First Lady Jill Biden visits Ukrainian refugee children

US First Lady Jill Biden and her Romanian counterpart Carmen Iohannis visited a school in Bucharest on Saturday where Ukrainian refugee children are educated.

About 2,000 Ukrainian refugee children have signed up to attend classes in Romanian schools.

The two first ladies spoke to Ukrainian teachers and mothers and praised them for their courage.

“I just think that all of you are amazing women, that you put all of this together,” Biden told the group. “I think mothers will do anything for their children, and you fight for them, which is what mothers do, and I think you are incredibly strong and resilient, and it’s just amazing that the Romanian people have welcomed you into theirs. homes, and in their hearts, and I think that has made a difference for all of you. “

Biden was told that Romania had “taken in” nearly 900,000 refugees from Ukraine since Russia invaded its neighbor on February 24, but most have moved to other countries.

Most of the refugees are women and children.

Jill Biden flew to Slovakia to meet other Ukrainian refugees, aid workers and local residents in the city of Kosice.

The First Lady was also expected to meet with American embassy staff and Slovak officials in the capital Bratislava.

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