Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton takes Covid

One of Australia’s top doctors is in solitary confinement after catching Covid and thanked science for vaccinations.

Victoria’s chief medical officer Brett Sutton is in solitary confinement after contracting Covid-19.

Professor Sutton revealed on Friday that he felt quite ill and could not imagine the experience without vaccinations.

“Feeling pretty rubbish, tbh. Razor-blade throat and painful cough, “she posted on Twitter.

“It is clearly not the same for everyone. I can’t imagine what it would have been like – for me – without three doses of Vax.

“Good for science.”

Professor Sutton became popular with many Victorians during the pandemic as he provided updates and advice on Covid.

Victoria reported that another 18 Covid-positive people died on Friday, with 491 people hospitalized with the virus.

The state recorded 13,181 new cases, bringing the total number of active cases in Victoria to 73,727.

The daily frequency of cases in Victoria was around 10,000 per day for most of this month.

“We thank everyone who was vaccinated and tested yesterday,” said the Victoria Department of Health.

“Our thoughts are with the hospitalized and the families of people who have lost their lives.”

Originally published as “Razor Blade”: Best Doctor Brett Sutton Takes Covid

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