Viral ‘Dishwasher Safety’ Advice Hilariously Ignites Twitter Debate

Twitter users can’t stop buzzing about a viral dishwasher safety tweet.

On Sunday, Twitter user @phiamenina shared her husband’s thoughts on what belongs in the dishwasher, tweeting: “‘Everything is dishwasher safe if you don’t care enough about it’ – my husband.”

Other Twitter users quickly joined the conversation, finding her husband’s dishwashing rule to be hilariously relatable.

“I never check if things are dishwasher safe. Everything goes in. If it breaks, then it just wasn’t strong enough to survive this world,” one user quipped.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the post had racked up over 738,000 likes and hordes of comments.

Although a dishwasher can clean many things, there’s still a lot you shouldn’t load into it — namely, blades, anything made of wood, cast iron, aluminum, and pretty much any metal that doesn’t have a nonstick coating.

A slew of people went on to share cataclysmic stories about putting the wrong items through the appliance’s steamy vortex.

“Don’t be like me, and put a cast iron frying pan, in the dishwasher!” a person tweeted alongside a snapshot of a heavily rusted pan.

Piggybacking off the original tweet, one person re-shared a tweet about the time she discovered the hard way that plastic water bottles don’t belong in the handy kitchen appliance.

“So I didn’t realize that I couldn’t put those 64oz water bottles in the dishwasher,” she tweeted, sharing photographic evidence of the destroyed bottle.

Some users even revealed they’ve gone as far as putting foods into the dishwasher.

“My school runs potatoes thru the dishwasher for baked potato bar,” one user wrote. “No soap, but a really good scrub.”

“I know people who cook salmon on the top rack of their dishwasher (wrapped inside aluminum foil). No joke,” another replied.

Taking the discussion to the next level, one user admitted to purposely placing ​​a rubber chicken in the kitchen appliance.

“True. We used to wash our rubber chicken the dishwasher. ‘Gaston le gaulois’ used to get really dirty at rugby matches, and at the pub. Took a couple of years, probably 30 washes, to destroy the integrity of the rubber,” the person tweeted.

Another user mulled whether dishwashers are even necessary, particularly for smaller families.

“Who needs a dishwasher, with a lovely husband like him? Seriously, why have a dishwasher. Unless you are a family of 6, eating 3 meals a day, or you run a restaurant,” the person tweeted.

Whirlpool — one of the world’s leading kitchen appliance companies — recommends never putting cast iron, knives, thin plastics, antique china, wood, insulated mugs and silver in the dishwasher.

Click here to find out more about dishwasher safety.

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