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The Washington Post Fact Checker settled for living comfortably in the lower digestive tract of the Biden administration. But from time to time – very rarely, mind you – the White House does something that even the immensely talented King Fact Checker Glenn Kessler simply can’t look the other way.

It takes a lot to get Glenn Kessler to do a double take, but Joe Biden is definitely up to the challenge this week:

Here is how Kessler’s fact-check of 21 April 2022 ended:

[GOP Sen. Rick] Scott’s tax plan is certainly ripe for politics, but the White House is pushing its luck here. Scott is a Republican, is in Congress and is part of the leadership of the GOP. But the idea fragment of him, as he is, cannot be labeled a “Republican congressional” plan. No legislation has been drafted and no other Republican lawmakers have announced their support.

It cannot be immediately assumed that every person in a political party supports a proposal from a prominent member. We are reminded of how tough Trump’s presidential campaign is tried to tag falsely Biden owns the “radical” Green New Deal, a congressional resolution written in part by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (DN.Y.), even though Biden had his more moderate plan for tackling climate change.

Scott has already publicly modified the idea in ways that make the snapshot analysis cited by the White House less relevant. But he hasn’t officially abandoned the original language, and the idea technically still exists on paper, at a time when there are few competing political platforms issued by congressional Republicans.

That last point was the one thing that barely held us back from giving this claim a Quattro Pinocchio score. The White House earns three Pinocchios.

Biden’s White House has lost four Pinocchios to the skin of their teeth – and now, in their sweaty, gasping despair, they’re pushing ahead with a lie because they literally have no other strategy.

It’s great that Glenn Kessler is willing to denounce them, but to quote a classic, what difference does it make at this point?

Joe Biden’s White House is a dumpster fire, and despite Kessler’s occasional master cylinder, they’ll actually get away with 99% of the stupid bullshit they throw.

And they pull A lot of nonsense.

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