Watch as the Feds Literally Lift a Border Fence in Texas to Let Migrants In – Twitchy

As this editor has asked several times, if President Joe Biden weren’t actively encouraging illegal immigrants to cross into the U.S., what would he be doing differently? Texas Gov. Greg Abbott put barriers in the Rio Grande to discourage immigrants from crossing; the federal government sued to have them removed. Abbott put up razor wire fencing, and the Biden administration sent agents to cut the wire. A federal judge intervened and ordered the Biden administration to stop cutting the razor wire fencing — but the judge didn’t say anything about using construction equipment to lift the fencing so immigrants could just walk under it.

Once again … what more could Biden do to prove the border “crisis” is intentional?


Not American citizens.

Is it actually true? Again, it certainly sounds true. The Biden administration has always come down against Texas when it tries to secure its own border. Hopefully, this isn’t true and we’re not seeing what we’re seeing.


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Genard Musay

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