WATCH: Karen Davila in Arctic Ocean adventure ‘at the edge of the North Pole’

While on vacation, broadcaster Karen Davila was mystified by the alluring beauty of the Arctic Ocean which she experienced with her family first hand.

Davila documented her journey to the world-famous site in her Instagram page where she shared photos and videos.

“THE ARCTIC. Zodiac 4 out to the edge of the North Pole. [Seven] days of almost no wifi or at most, spotty signal,” she said in her post today, June 29.

“The Arctic Ice Pack is the sea ice that covers the Arctic Ocean,” she revealed. “It melts in the summer. Just a stunning vast [desert] of melted glaciers out at sea. It’s a whole different experience. It’s stunning and humbling,” she said.

While there, she said they were “on the look out for walruses, seals [and] polar bears which the Arctic delivers.”

“With us is Polar Historian Neil Rabjohn – jokingly asking who among us has the courage to do the polar plunge!” she said.

Davila also shared yesterday what life was like in the Arctic.

“No music, all natural sound. A day in the life at the edge of the North Pole. Zodiacs crunching through the ice outside of the Arctic Ice Pack,” she said.

Describing the place as “hypnotic” and “unbelievable,” she was amazed while “out at sea with nothing but a vast dessert of ice.”

“A whole new world at the edge of the world. Listening to our expedition leader, Polar Historian Neil Rabjohn,” she said.

Two days ago, Davila and her family went hiking in Spitsbergen, Svalbard.

“Mirror like pools of water below ice capped mountains. Such a purity to nature’s unspoiled canvass,” she said.

Marveling at the beauty of the place, Davila stressed, “Truly, to walk in nature is to witness God’s thousand miracles.” JB


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