What are the presidential betting economic plans?

Leody De Guzman

Leody’s goal was to reorient the system of the economy. We welcome all the negosyante, all those who want and those who want. Dapat is kabahuyan of mammayan, Hindi tube. Starting agriculture and industry. Hindi pupwede where all group members are kukun – natin are imported. Kinakailangan nating mag-produce sarili nating pangalaingan.

Sa mga manggagawa, kinakailangan natin i-empower sila. Pay for free and pay homage to the union of others. After arranging the contacts with the staff of the labor agency, and without the employees being contacted by Metro Manila.

A yung ating mga MSME is kinakailangan nating tulungan. Get Leody de Guzman big money of P125 billion for the support of mischievous and negative people to create or create new skills with working people.

De Guzman said this during the “Panata sa Bayan”, a forum for presidential candidates hosted by the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) in February.

Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso

Well, we’re going to hire someone who is very good in that business field, but who cares[s] most of them are people. The stand-up comedian, your people have been saved in a fun and entertaining way. All taxes on money, without paying anything new and without taxes, and tax cuts on all taxes in the world. Then immediately mararamdaman it ng tao.

Then, secondly, the bigger picture of this is that we will be more competitive, kababayan, sa ating other neighboring countries because we need to increase our FDI, foreign direct investment. So all this is useful to be removed from gumana, lumakbay, umayos and gumaan and umasang tumaas ing pamumuhay.

Anyway, higit sa lahat, we will return to PPP (Public-Private Partnerships). We will involve the private sectors in government programs and projects so that we can pursue and continue our country’s Build Build.

Moreno said this during the CNN presidential debate held on February 22, 2022. Earlier this year, it also unveiled its 10-point agenda towards economic growth in the country with a focus on life and livelihoods.

The ten sectors the Moreno government would focus on if elected president are housing, education, work and employment, health, tourism and creative industry, infrastructure, digital transformation and industry 4.0, agriculture, good governance and smart governance. HEY , its ten-point economic recovery plan on January 31, 2022.

Panfilo “Ping” Lacson Sr.

Ako priority ko kasi ito yung nakagawian ko na since I became a legislator – yung budget reform, kasi there is a lot to do or fix in the national budget. Apata yan eh – budget preparation or planning; budget authorization, this is where Congress comes in, that is, legislation; budget execution, balik sa executive branch; and budgetary responsibility, in a new AOC, exercising the oversight of Kongreso.

Now the practice has never been so hard. The budget process is the young Development Budget Coordination Committee which provides the budget ceiling for agencies. Sa akin, mali yon because while I consult with private companies, sa kanila zero-based, which means kayong mga department heads, ipresent niyo isa-isa yung inyong mga program, activities and projects. And justify. Bakit natin popondohan and kung magkano hypopondo. So from below.

In this way, you consult local government units and local development councils. They work but they don’t work well. So Ang nangyayari yung mentality from dole-out tsaka yung culture of begging. Whenever he deliberates on Meron Kaming’s budget, especially in the pre-pandemic days, nakapila na yung mga governors, mayors, barangay presidents, may mga folders. Bakit? Hindi kasi pinakinggan yung kailang pinrepare na local development plan.

And who should know the needs and priorities of their local government kung hindi yung mga local government officials? Hence, a zero-based papal natin, from the bottom up.

Secondly, kailangan siguro in the present day of modern information and communication technology, mag digitalize na tayo. Naiwan na tayo rite. Automated Hindi tayo knows customs, BIR, and digitized Hindi pagka, yung corruption will always be there kasi nga can be human intervention.

Third Sakin, corruption. This is your time to be pumapata for the longest time. We eliminate corruption or minimize corruption in the government, we solve at least 50% of the country’s problems.

Agriculture. We are a country of importers. Do you want to know how to import strawberry? Want to know how to import into English? Hindi bale yung mga produce na wala ditto. Pero kung emron naman idem, bakit papatayin natin yung mga magsasaka So the young government supports agriculture, fishing, fishing and fishing.

Lacson said this during a “Hot Seat ”interview conducted by the Manila Bulletin on January 29, 2022.

Ferdinando Marco Jr.

And so this time sigurong kailangan tugunan is using digital infrastructure. Because if all these plans that we have are successful, not just for business, but the internet has been the highway for most of our businesses now not just for business, but the internet has been the highway for most of ours. activities…

And I don’t think it will be difficult for the simple reason that technology exists, we don’t need to invent it. One of the countries that has the best system is South Korea, so padala tayo ng tao do’n, papuntahin natin sila rito, para magtanong tayo kung papano nila ginawa, and it won’t take too long. But again, it will require a strong partnership between the public and private sectors.

Anything that is useful for people is useful for MSMEs.

I think the main thing we need to think about now is getting people back to work and putting the money back in people’s pockets so they can afford the goods they need, they can afford magbayad sila ng kanilang kuryente, magbayad ng tubig, not c ‘is nothing to do with their knowledge – all these things that people’s daily worries, who have never encountered and which have been seen, the MSMEs and their own images.

Marcos said this during an episode of Go Negosyo “Candidate Conversations” last December.

Manny Pacquiao

Focusan po natin is the best national GDP. Lagi po yung binabasehan ng ekonomiya, yung PIL natin. Meron po tayong four elements of GDP: consumption, investment, public spending and net exports.

‘Pag sinabi mong consumption, kailangang yung production for enough yung natin production – yung production na hindi tayo nag-i-import. These are investments, which are offered by millions of millions of Pilipino people, inviting investors from other countries, and from all of them, by millions of millions of Pilipino people, which are small and small, medium-sized enterprises. Papatangin started zero interest negotiation to start business with thousands of millions of people in Pilipino. And pangatlo po is a good government expense. Yung ginagastos po natin, gastos po tayo nang gastos na wala po sa lugar. Budget for the budget of projects in Hindi that are not in line with your commitments. In pang-apat po ayung ating net export. The offer is quite young and natural and allows to export products from all countries of the country.

Pacquiao made this observation during the second presidential debate organized by the Electoral Commission on March 19, 2022.

Leni Robredo

Angat Buhay Pilipino is an unhealthy plan for economic recovery, he never talked about bigas, kuryente or gasolina. They can solve problems. The paniniwala was sent while navigating the economy.

Prayer to know the language. Sa ating plano, kung mawalan ng trabaho, can tatlong buwang ayuda. And all there is to know when it comes to people, they enjoy having fun with others. Hindi spoke of kasarian for makapaghanapbuhay.

This way you can play gobyerno, extending your life and eating for the praying children.

I spoke with Angat Buhay Pilipino’s prayers. Learn about the planning sector: agriculture, tourism, transport, manufacturing and infrastructure.

Create a public-private partnership and exploit the digital economy.

Robredo said this in a video message presenting its five-point economic recovery plan published on 3 May.