Where to vote: heard at polling stations on election day

It’s the buzzword we’ve all heard enough about, but according to one voter, the attack on inflation prices has hit the humble polling station sausage.

Election day has finally arrived, and Australians across the country are hitting local polling stations en masse to vote.

As people express their preferences, whether it is their member of parliament, the representative of the Senate or the choice of the Sausage sizzle or cake stand – we have the best morsels heard in schools, town halls, churches, town halls and public spaces across the country.

If you’ve heard any cracked jokes or weird comments, drop us a tweet @newscomauHQ or send us a message on Facebook. Also, if you have yet to vote, you can find yours nearest polling station in our interactive guide here.

– Overheard queuing at Rozelle Public School in Anthony Albanese’s Grayndler electorate: “’With inflation going, it could be $ 6 by the time we get to the front. This was about the sizzle of a Democratic sausage that cost $ 5 a hitch, insane prices for a slice of democracy, if you ask me.

– Sign of the times: “Do they have a tap for the sizzle of the sausage?”

– The Struggle to Be a Kiwi in Australia on Election Day: The conversation I have every time I walk up to a polling station and I’m asked to vote, I tell them: “No thanks”, followed by: “I can’t legally vote “I’m from New Zealand.” Then they say, ‘Oh wow, why are you in Australia when you have an amazing woman in power?’ ”- Amy.

– Presenting a short series that we would like to call: “Only in Bondi”, a polling station on the beach saw not just one but two bettors (at least) who showed up in budgie traffickers. Rainy Sydney weather and temperatures of 17 ° C were doomed.

– Unsolicited feedback: “At my polling station, a guy just walked past the United Australia Party sign and didn’t say to anyone in particular, ‘Vote for freedom? Did I think Australia was free? Dumbf *** s’ “

– Some from the Glenbrook Public School polling station in the Blue Mountains:

“I wonder how much these people get paid to work today?” and “Your wife is a domestic goddess”.

– Overheard like a Labor volunteer trying to give a pamphlet to a voter: “I don’t vote for Anthony Albanese, he’s not like Harry Potter, he can’t cast a spell on me.”

– Another pitiful sausage review on the democratic sausage situation:

– Glass half full: “Election day. It might be a pain in the ass, but we have to do it. That’s okay because once I’ve voted I can go and have some beers. “(Heard at Leichhardt in Sydney’s Inner West)

– Another line from Sydney’s Inner West: “There was a lack of sausage so there must be a lack of democracy here in Annandale.”

– An artist has organized a public viewing of a statue of Prime Minister Scott Morrison which is partly made of coal. Author Jill Stark shared a photo of the #CoalMo piece that was placed in a polling station in the Melbourne suburb of Prahran, currently occupied by Green member Sam Hibbins.

“Partly made of coal and probably more effective than our current Prime Minister,” he tweeted.

– A friendly local punter who captures the current sentiment: “Let’s get it over with.”

– While this is not hearsay in itself, these “sausage dogs of democracy” relieve the (politically) weary and weary soul.

– Overheard in Penrith (a suburb of Greater Western Sydney): “What day is today?”

– A conversation between a voter and the revered sizzling sausage staff:

“Anyone want a sausage while they wait?”

“Can we eat it while we wait?”

“I have no problems with it”

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Originally published as Where to vote: heard at polling stations on election day

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