White House plans hunger conference, Montana explains feeding children is overrated

The White House announced Wednesday that Joe Biden will host a “Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health” in September, the first time in over 50 years that such a conference has been held in the White House. The goal, the administration says, is to end hunger in the US by 2030, as well as get more Americans to eat healthily and exercise, as if Joe Biden thought he was Michelle Obama or something. gender, to reduce the number of Americans experiencing “diet-related diseases, such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension.”

Given the panic of the right-wing media over an internal security program aimed at countering foreign disinformation, which according to the madmen is actually the creation of an Orwellian “Ministry of Truth”, we can only assume that Fox News will state that Biden is proposing a literal Hunger games fight to the death by children across the country.

The first, and so far only, White House Conference on Food, Nutrition and Health was hosted by Richard Nixon in 1969; CNN notes this that conference led to improved nutrition labeling on food packaging, the creation of the Women’s Infant and Child Nutrition Program (WIC), and the expansion of federal school lunches and meal stamps, now known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP ).

Biden said the conference grew out of his administration’s work to make sure people could feed their families during the pandemic.

“Too many families don’t know where they’re going to get their next meal,” Biden said conference announcement video. “Too many empty chairs around the kitchen table because a loved one has suffered from heart disease, diabetes or other diet-related diseases, which are some of the leading causes of death in our country.”

The pandemic, the president said, was “a strong reminder of the need for urgent and sustained action. As more Americans experienced hunger, we have seen diet-related illnesses increase the risk of serious Covid. It’s time to make a real change. “

CNN reports that ubiquitous celebrity chef, philanthropist and saint of world food José Andrés should be in attendance at the conference, which will also be attended by people from state, local and tribal governments, the health community and “food company representatives” – and since this is Biden’s White House, we expect it won’t be limited to executives. of McDonalds or del The organization of Popeye.

Also, to illustrate the need to keep working on hunger, Montana decided that feeding hungry children is just too annoying, so it won’t even require a federal program that would provide $ 36.6 million funding the emergency power program this summer.

The Pandemic EBT program would provide low-income parents with a card they could use to buy food, but the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services said in March that the help would likely no longer be needed, as it had aiming to help feed children who relied on free and cut-price meals at school and, hey, schools have reopened, so clearly no one is hungry in all of Montana now.

Health Department spokesman Jon Ebelt explained to a state legislative commission that the need for additional food aid had dropped by 50% from fall 2020 to spring 2021, and heck, with schools reopening, that decline is “without doubt “continued, which definitely sounds like gov. Greg Gianforte’s administration has control over the situation, probably.

belt explained in an email from April to the Daily Montanan that if the federal program rules allowed states to have more “flexibility” to “allow Montana to design a plan that meets its needs,” then perhaps the state would file a call for funds. Ebelt said the program placed a “significant administrative burden” on the state, so apparently free money is a terrible idea. Maybe Montana needs to buy, we don’t know, pickup trucks and guns with nutritional funds.

Montana community groups have asked Gianforte’s administration to reconsider and present a plan for the next school year, which seems like an inexpensive way to raise tens of millions of dollars to feed starving families. On the other hand, have any of those community groups offered to help Republicans not vote, or even promised to help eliminate critical race theory? We bet they didn’t!

Also, no one in Montana is in need of food assistance now that the pandemic is completely over (which it isn’t, not by far, please ignore the trend line. showing new cases creeping in again). It’s just prosperity as far as you can see, as long as you don’t look in the direction of the Missoula Food Bank and Community Center, which said March 2022 was the busiest month in 40 years of existence:

In 23 days, the nonprofit provided 12,041 services to 4,317 families and counted 11 days of staff serving more than 200 families, “something we only see two or three times in a month,” said Jessica Allred. , interim co-executive director in A [April 22] email.

Sheila Hogan, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party, affirmed Gianforte’s decision not to run for federal funds it didn’t make much sense:

We know how to solve this problem: Federal food assistance is a simple and effective solution to reducing children’s hunger. What are Gianforte’s reasons for denying these children access to food? It looks like cruelty for the sake of cruelty.

The approximately 97,500 children who will lose supplemental food assistance could go protest in the governor’s office, we suppose, but it could you decide to beat them to prove how tough it is, so that that strategy can be risky.

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