Why can’t you pro-choice rioters be peaceful and only kill doctors like “pro-life” ones?

Rebecca Mansour, senior editor-at-large for Breitbart and former ghostwriter for the Palins, tweeted a fascinating revisionist view of the anti-abortion movement on Monday evening. He insisted that unlike the “left”, which always burns cities and threatens people to have their way, “pro-life” people are just the most law-abiding and non-violent people they have ever harassed. women looking to get mammograms or birth control at Planned Parenthood clinics.

Her four tweets rhapsody on the absolutely model behavior of the anti-abortion cause closed with the warning that “the left” will undoubtedly respond to the expected reversal roe deer v. veal with “riots, violence, alarmism” and “scare tactics[s]”because after all, that’s all the” left “does.

Here is Mansour’s opening thread, transcribed for easier reading:

The madness you are witnessing from the left it is very informative. When Roe was passed down 49 years ago, the pro-lifers didn’t rebel, they didn’t demand that SCOTUS be burned, they didn’t threaten the lives of the judges, they didn’t try to stack the court.

Prolifers (mainly Catholics in the beginning) organized at the grassroots level. They have planned an annual peaceful march on Washington. They have created crisis pregnancy centers. They were involved in the election of politicians.

They passed pro-life legislation. They WORKED WITHIN THE SYSTEM of our Constitutional Republic to bring about change in the polls and hearts and minds of their American fellow citizens.

If this SCOTUS draft decision is valid, then these pro-life Americans (who are now the majority of Americans, I might add) won the right way. And no amount of rioting, violence, alarmism or any other left-wing scare tactic can change that.

And yes, Mansour has set off of the story on the right. The road to elimination roe deer was a decade-long political movement that involved mobilizing right-wing voters, building a political machine that allied the evangelical right with conservative Catholics – whom evangelicals had previously viewed as unfair threats to America – and building institutions such as the Federalist societies who would educate an army of right-wing lawyers, who could eventually become right-wing federal judges, and here we are.

Of course, Mansour’s version lose one or a few hundred things, like others on Twitter went and pointed out.

Oddly enough, it appears Mansour’s opening thread didn’t mention a single case of ten-year campaign of “pro-life” murders, attacks and violent threats aimed at clinics, doctors, nurses and politicians who support the right to abortion. Oh, and as for that line about how anti-abortion activists “didn’t threaten the lives of judges,” reporter Dan Nguyen drew attention to a Washington Post article from 1985 whose injury clarified the exact opposite:

Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmun, who has been the subject of frequent death threats since writing the controversial 1973 court decision legalizing abortion, said yesterday that a bullet was fired through a window of his. Arlington apartment Thursday night. […]

Both Blackmun and his wife, Dorothy, were at home at the time, but neither were injured by the single shot, which a law enforcement source said rained glass on Dorothy Blackmun as she sat in the living room. apartment on the third floor of the Blackmuns. . The source said Blackmun had just left the room when the shot was fired.

The article went on to note that Blackmun had “received a particularly explicit death threat” in the previous week, that he “was subjected to numerous threats from anti-abortion groups” and that he had been “placed under constant police protection” after receiving death threats since anti-abortion terrorist group “Army of God”, whose members and admirers have committed multiple attacks on clinics and clinic staff, including homicides and attempted homicides.

An acolyte of the Army of God was Eric Rudolph, who was convicted of the deadly bombing of the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, as well as the 1998 bombing of a clinic in Birmingham, Alabama, which killed an off-duty police officer working in security. He also bombed other clinics and a lesbian nightclub to help Jesus fight the New World Order.

Here’s a quick rundown of the greatest hits of the anti-abortion movement, so to speak:

Ms Filipovic so usefully noted that the “pro-lifers” have in fact murdered “more people than there are Supreme Court justices.”

And then, of course, there are the daily threats and harassment directed at people who work or just walk into clinics, or work for pro-choice groups, and the like.

Unsurprisingly, many people have contested the notion that conservatives don’t “stack the court,” which is only true if one defines stacking of judges as expanding the number of judges (which, like abortion, is not mentioned in the constitution). Do overturning roe deer the main criterion for appointing judges and refusing to hold hearings for the candidate of a democratic president is not cumulative, it is entirely “rule of law” and respect for the rules, don’t you see.

Eventually, a full 13 hours after his initial thread, Mansour published an “update” that rejected decades of violence, because after all those violent people were No real pro-life (not to mention Scots). Here is his brilliant debut:

Update: Yes, I am well aware that some violent fringe extremists have targeted abortion providers. Pro-life leaders and activists denounced these criminal actions and the criminals were punished according to the law. In other words, our legal system has worked as it should.

The assaults on abortion providers did NOT lead to the overthrow of Roe. The SCOTUS decision (if the draft is valid) came about because pro-lifers WORKED WITHIN THE SYSTEM promoting pro-life jurisprudence, electing politicians and drafting laws.

Please ignore the widespread terror campaign, because the Supreme Court decision was not written by Eric Rudolph, so shut up. inviting them to appear on the air. And look, Bill O’Reilly never actually encouraged someone to go kill Dr. Giorgio Tiller; hey only repeatedly called it “Tiller the baby killer” and regularly compared him to Dr. Josef Mengele. It would be very unfair to suggest that anyone in the “pro-life” movement ever cheered on the people they printed Wanted posters for doctors which then happened to end be murdered in the name of saving precious children.

furthermore, Mansour added“Other human rights movements – from the abolition movement to the civil rights movement to the anti-apartheid movement – all had violent extremists,” and that doesn’t affect the good they did, does it?

Yes, this is where Mansour is located Like this ask us to accept that ending the legal right to abortion will not, in itself, be an act of violence against women, because if women do not want to die from an illegal abortion, they would simply keep their legs together to do so Do not have unwanted pregnancies . This is just logic.

In conclusion, please, left-wing extremists, try to suppress your violent impulses and work for change the right way, as the pro-life movement has always done without fail (please ignore the extremists, they don’t count). You can work for change through the ballot box, at least if you can stop burning towns and kill the police long enough to remember to vote. Oh wait, “the left” can’t be trusted not to cheat, so Republicans will also make voting more difficult.

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