Why Kristina Keneally failed in Fowler and how Dai Le turned the narrative upside down

The Independent’s historic robbery of the Labor stronghold – held for nearly four decades – is the story of a tireless campaign, a genuine bond with voters, and his opponent’s fumbling of candidates.

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Dai Le’s campaign for Fowler’s western Sydney office “ran on the smell of an oily rag” – in stark contrast to well-funded campaigns by other independents in this election, or basic national infrastructure. that the Greens have developed over two decades.

People thought Fowler would be a contest between an experienced activist and a relative amateur. They were right: Kristina Keneally has never won a competitive campaign before.

In 2003, Labor headquarters intervention ensured that Keneally would win its first preselection battle at the state headquarters in Heffron, NSW, a safe seat held by Labor for 30 years. When Heffron’s grieving former member Deirdre Grusovin complained that the trial had been undemocratic, Keneally said to Sydney Morning Herald:

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