Wireless noise canceling earphones: pixel buds pro

Google has unveiled the latest version of its line of “Pixel Buds” wireless earphones, the Pixel Buds Pro. These earphones will be the best performing earbuds in Google’s range and will function as an Android counterpart to Apple’s AirPods. Pixel Buds Pro improves upon its predecessor with the integration of Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), dynamic pressure sensors and new sound enhancement technologies.

The ANC integration on the headphones will work dynamically with what Google calls the “Silent Seal” feature to allow the earbuds to adjust ANC levels based on the size and shape of the wearer’s ear. Additionally, the earbuds are equipped with pressure sensors that recognize when they push on the ear canals so they can reduce this pressure for added comfort. In terms of audio quality, the company has created “Volume EQ” technology which allows Pixel Buds Pro to adjust the audio frequency range according to different situations and volumes, ensuring that the audio is always balanced and clear.

One final noteworthy feature of Pixel Buds Pro is called “Fast Pair”. Fast Pair technology allows the earbuds to sync with multiple Android devices and recognize which device is in use. This means users with multiple devices, such as phones and tablets, won’t have to manually pair Bluetooth every time. The Pixel Buds Pro retails for $ 199.99 USD and are available in black, blue, red, and green colorways.

Image credit: Google