Wishy Share New Song ‘Too True’

Wishy – the group led by Indiana songwriters Kevin Krauter and Nina Pitchkites – have dropped a new track, ‘Too True’. Following their debut single ‘Donut’, it’s set to appear on their upcoming EP Paradise, which is out December 15. Check it out below.

“This song is about how my relationship with someone that I grew up idolizing had naturally shifted over the years,” Krauter said of ‘Too True’ in a statement. “Part of it is a grieving lament at what was lost in that process; how growing into oneself can catalyze that shift, how people can tend to grow apart without realizing or trying, and how to forgive yourself and others for that natural process.”

Kim Rodiz

Kim Rodiz is a national journalist who wrote a lot of reports since 2014.

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